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December 24, 2015
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DevNexus 2016 in Atlanta, GA
I'm pleased to say I'll be in the United States next month for the DevNexus 2016 conference that is taking place in Atlanta, GA. In addition to a number of talks about software architecture, I'll also be running my popular "The Art of Visualising ...

Happy new year and I wish you all the best for 2016. My first trip of the year starts next week and I'll be doing some work in Shenzhen, China. As a result, I'll also be in Hong Kong on January 15th, presenting "The Art of Visualising Software ...
Magpie Talkshow Episode 6 - Simon Brown (Channel Islands Edition)
While at Devoxx Poland earlier this year, Sam Newman interviewed me for his new podcast, The Magpie Talkshow. We chat about software architecture diagrams, my C4 model, UML, writing books and Jersey. Enjoy! Thanks Sam! :-)
Software architecture diagrams should be maps of your source code
If you've ever worked on a codebase that's more than just a sample application, you'll know that understanding and navigating the code can be tricky, certainly until you familiarise yourself with the key structures within it. Once you have a shared ...
Video: Software architecture as code
I presented a new version of my "Software architecture as code" talk at the Devoxx Belgium 2015 conference last week, and the video is already online. If you're interested in how to communicate software architecture without using tools like Microsoft ...
The Art of Visualising Software Architecture
As you may have seen on Twitter, I've been mulling over an idea for a new book, which I'm pleased to say is going to happen. It's currently titled "The Art of Visualising Software Architecture" and, as the title suggests, it will focus on the visual ...
Help, my diagram doesn't fit on one page!
This definitely goes into the category of a frequently asked question because it crops up time and time again, both during and after my software architecture sketching workshop. I'm following your C4 approach but my software system is much bigger than ...
Step away from the code!
While at the Devoxx UK conference recently, I was interviewed by Lucy Carey from Voxxed about software architecture, diagrams, monoliths, microservices, design thinking and modularity. You can watch this short interview (~5 minutes) at Step Away from the ...
The Agile Revolution - Episode 91
While at the YOW! conference in Australia during December 2014, I was interviewed by Craig Smith and Tony Ponton for The Agile Revolution podcast. It's a short episode (28 minutes) but we certainly packed a lot in, with the discussion covering software ...
Talking with Tech Leads
A printed copy of Talking with Tech Leads, by Patrick Kua (a Tech Lead at Thoughtworks), arrived in the post this morning. We often discuss the technical side of software development and rarely the “softer” side. This book is a collection of short ...
NealFord#25 - Software Architecture Fundamentals, Part 1
NealFord#25 - Software Architecture Fundamentals, Part 1 ...
Application Architecture for Java Developers
Application Architecture for Java Developers
Download PDF Itanium Architecture for Software Developers
Download PDF Itanium Architecture for Software Developers ...
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