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October 6, 2016
New Jersey Architectural House

Our definition of a small house is one with less than 1800 square feet of living space above ground. Our small house plans are used to construct smaller homes, but the plans themselves are just as complete and detailed as the ones we offer for much larger houses. Not everyone wants or needs to build a large house. Small home plans are quite popular, particularly amongst folks looking to downsize. Many of the architects and designers we work with specialize in creating floor plans for small homes and small cabins.

Good design always incorporates space efficiency, so building a house using small house floor plans created by a top-notch architect will often provide as much functional living space as a larger home that’s not as efficiently designed. For a more complete understanding of the importance of space efficient design and its impact on your overall cost to build, please go to .

We also offer small cabin plans and small cottage plans in this section of the site. Our small home designs work well on narrow or small lots, but we’ve had many customers who plan to build their small homes on very large pieces of property.

Small is Beautiful! It also follows the principles in the Not So Big books by acclaimed architect Sarah Susanka.

Small House Plans

Common Characteristics of Small House Plans:

  • Independent of architectural style
  • Frequently cottage or bungalow style
  • Often defined as below 1800 square feet
  • Square footage excludes basement
  • Space efficient layout
  • Typically with open floor plan
  • Less expensive to build, on a smaller plot of land
  • Less expensive to build
  • Fits on small or narrow lots
Architectural Designs House Plan 61207UT
Architectural Designs House Plan 61207UT
Architecture house plans. Small house plans and design
Architecture house plans. Small house plans and design
Modern Architectural House Plans And Designs
Modern Architectural House Plans And Designs
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