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March 31, 2014
Rear Elevation photo

Architecturally Designed Home Plans
The benefits of building a home with an architecturally designed set of plans are endless. We are pleased to promote the use of architecturally designed home plans and hope that you will consider using them in your next homebuilding project. What distinguishes these plans from those in a plan book is the level of detail included, and the quality of the overall designs. Read more about architecturally designed home plans»

Plans Designed by Sarah Susanka
Sarah Susanka's plans for her showhouses, in addition to several of the houses that she designed that are featured in The Not So Big House, are now available for purchase online.
View and purchase plans designed by Sarah Susanka».

Plans Featured in Creating The Not So Big House
Complete plans for fourteen of the architecturally-designed homes featured in Sarah Susanka's bestselling second book are available for purchase online. Please refer to the book for additional pictures and details about each home.
View and purchase plans from Creating the Not So Big House».

Plans for the Original Not So Big House
Sarah Susanka's home in St. Paul, Minnesota was designed as a Not So Big House prototype. The plans contain most of the concepts described in her books, and the house has since been constructed by a number of readers. It can be built either as a two story home without basement, or as shown in both books, with a lower level.
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View and purchase plans for the Original Not So Big House.

GoodFit Plans from Ross Chapin Architects
Several of Ross Chapin's houses have been featured in the Not So Big House series, and it's not hard to see why. Filled with simple but beautifully designed details reminiscent of the bungalows of the Arts and Crafts movement, these homes exemplify what building Not So Big is all about. Ross Chapin offers many of his cottage plans, small house plans, and garage/accessory dwelling plans for sale on his website.
View plan details and purchase plans».

Plans for the 1999 Life Dream House
Life Magazine asked SALA Architects to design the 1999 Life Dream House, featured in Life Magazine. The result was two Dream Houses, the Basic House with 1, 915 livable square feet, and the Upgrade House, a more elaborate, slightly larger interpretation of the same plan. The two Dream Houses are essentially the same house-one is just more dressed up.

4,500 Sq.ft. House Plan for Sale
4,500 Sq.ft. House Plan for Sale
Modern House For Sale | Predock_Frane Architects 2009
Modern House For Sale | Predock_Frane Architects 2009 ...
Houses for Sale in Bolton Le Sands - Architects Plans
Houses for Sale in Bolton Le Sands - Architects Plans
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