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August 14, 2015

Our curriculum prepares students for prestigious careers at graduate school and/or meaningful professional careers. Students learn to synthesize information from different sources and to refine their technical skills and aesthetic perspectives.

Committed, Professionally Active Faculty

Our students work alongside faculty who are committed to their success, so students can depend on faculty support long after graduation. Faculty are professionally active, so students can assist on major works of research, and have exposure to renown artists (Rembrandt, Goya, etc) to inspire their future works. Faculty are also consistently advancing their programs to ensure that students continue to have the best, most comprehensive education possible.

Changemaker Focus

Embodying USD's Changemaker designation, our students understand how art and architecture can affect positive change. They are encouraged to think of art/ architecture as a mirror and shaper of societies.

Portfolio Building

Students will graduate with an expansive portfolio of work to prove their skill set to employers and graduate schools.

Interdisciplinary Programs

Unlike other technically focused programs, our art and architecture programs encourage awareness (cultural, societal and historical), so that our students are able to bring unique perspectives to projects that are desired by employers.

History of Art and Architecture I - Week 8 - Lecture 2
History of Art and Architecture I - Week 8 - Lecture 2
Italy Art/Architecture
Italy Art/Architecture
Young Couple Vacation Art History Architecture Europe
Young Couple Vacation Art History Architecture Europe ...
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