Santa Barbara-Style Architecture

February 29, 2016
Gallery of Santa Barbara Style

For centuries, this luxe, temperate style has been a beacon of fine living. From the pristine concrete ornaments to the sculpted white stucco exteriors, the Santa Barbara architectural style is one of exquisite allure and timeless charm.

Known for its red mission tile roofs, custom arched entryways and decorative iron trim, the Santa Barbara style features pronounced Spanish Colonial Revival aesthetics.backyard-fire-pit Classic sandstone garden walls surround the flowering fruit trees and white iceberg roses as you make your way through the courtyard. The texture of the white plaster walls paired with the traditional gravel pathway provide a perfect landscape for a soft vignette of greenery that turns the homes exterior into a paradise.

As you enter this fine contemporary styled home, you will immediately take notice of the delicate wood and iron details found in the homes interior. From the bold timber trusses to the floor’s pebble mosaic design, the interior finishes evoke an ambiance of warmth and comfort that is characteristic of the architectural heritage of the Mediterranean.

The chic interior features unique architecture including handcrafted tiles, teak furniture, and iron doors that create strong connections from the interior to the exterior of the home while maintaining an expressive and structural look. Delicate neutrals complement the warm and inviting atmosphere of this sizable work of art. To enhance each space, this Santa Barbara styled home includes eclectic comforts with a rustic touch that exude a sense of intimacy.

Whether it is the elaborately detailed architectural design or the timeless vibrance, the Santa Barbara style is sure to have you enchanted by its spell. From its clean lines to its quality allure, this design is a representation of old values and enduring sentiments. The Santa Barbara style offers the details and continuity that homeowners will be sure to enjoy for years.

platinum-series-living-room kitchen-table
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3D Model Low High Poly Pergola Roman Tuscan With Normal Map
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CS】经典POV Mouz.roman vs EG de_tuscan ESWC2010
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