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October 19, 2015
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Barbizon 1In the world of architecture, there are countless designs and styles to choose from. Years of history and many cultures lend their attributes to the different architectural styles that are popular today. Steel windows and doors have been a part of architectural design for centuries, but are just now rising in popularity for their ease of customization and their energy-efficient design. Here’s how you can utilize the strength and safety of steel windows and doors in several different styles.


Contemporary designs pull inspiration from what’s new and now. Inspired by the latest trends, modern designs are characterized by their minimalism. Steel framed windows and doors match the sleek look of modern designs perfectly because of their clean, simple lines. Steel framed windows have narrow sightlines, allowing for more light in a space. Many contemporary home models utilize lots of glass and open floor plans. Installing hot rolled steel windows and doors will add the ultra-modern, industrial flair that today’s homeowner’s desire.

Not only will steel windows and doors update the look of your home, they’ll save you money as well. A typical home loses 15 to 22% of their heat through their windows. By replacing standard windows with Energy Star certified steel windows, your home will save up to $465 a year in wasted heating costs.


European home designs borrow materials and trends from our French, English and Mediterranean neighbors. Years of architectural tradition is seen in the use of clay-tile roofs and decorative stonework. The European aesthetic has more of an old world charm with luxurious details and external decor. Utilize the strength of steel framed windows to complement the stone often seen in European designs. Steel window manufacturers can pre-treat the steel with special paints to make the windows and doors many different colors. Staying true to the European, natural color scheme, steel windows can be colored to match the earthy hues of the Mediterranean.


The Victorian, Gothic revival architectural style brings ornate detail and dramatic elegance into the home. Inspired by cathedrals and castles, the bold style is characterized by pointed arch windows and steeply pitched roofs. Steel windows can be customized to fit any look, even the delicate opulence of the Gothic style.

When the Gothic revival style came to America in the late 19th century, lumber was plentiful; many of the windows and structures were made from wood. Today, the same style and drama can be achieved with steel framed windows and doors. Steel is arguably safer than wood, due to its high fire resistance. On average, home fires are reported every 85 seconds. Replacing your wooden windows with steel will resist the spread of fires throughout your home while saving the aesthetic virtues of the home style you wish to replicate.

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