Types of Colonial Houses

September 24, 2014
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Colonial Houses
This article contains fast facts and information about Colonial Houses during the 1700's. There were many different types, styles and designs if Colonial Houses during the 1700's. Types of houses used by the colonists were dictated by wealth and the availability of natural resources to use as materials to build Colonial Houses. The first colonists needed to build houses as quickly as possible to provide shelter from the elements. Timber was in ready supply and simple log cabins were built. As people acquired wealth the elegant mansions sprang up in the towns and also in the great Southern plantations. These two totally different types of colonial houses are the iconic images of homes in the early years of colonization in North America.

Colonial Houses - Town Houses, Farmhouses and Mansions
The Colonial Houses varied according to the regions in which each of the colonies were located. In New England great industries and town life developed leading to the development of town houses. In the Middle Colonies farming communities were established and farmhouses were built. The economy of the Southern Colonies were largely based on plantations and their wealthy owners built opulent mansions.

Colonial Houses - The Georgian Mansion
The most famous Colonial Houses were the grand Georgian mansions.

Features of Georgian Mansions

    The style and design of colonial mansions were spacious, opulent, expensive and elegant Classical architectural influences from ancient Rome and Greece Symmetrical, proportioned with imposing grandeur Square, symmetrical shape with imposing columns, usually white Paneled central front door embellished with decorative designs over the door Windows with shutters and small rectangular window panes Paired chimneys Pitched roof with minimal roof overhang

Colonial Houses - The Log Cabin
The first type of Colonial Houses built in Colonial North America were simple log cabins.

Features of Log Cabins

    The style and design of log cabins were very basic and attributed to the Swedish style of building Rectangular shape Average Size: 16 feet long and 14 feet wide


      Fast to erect Constructed using round logs Bark was left in tact Logs 'notched' together or wooden pegs were used, so that nails were not necessary No glass in windows - wooden shutters or oiled paper was used Roof: Low pitched roof made of planks of timber
Source: www.landofthebrave.info
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