Types of House Designs

April 3, 2014
Types Of Home Design: Types Of
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Over 80% of new housing output is produced by private speculative housebuilders. In this paper we will examine the employment of standard house types in speculative housebuilding. We will present new empirical data, gained from a number of interviews with high-level technical and design personnel in fourteen large-volume housebuilders (between them responsible for around one third of housing completions). The paper highlights what the housebuilders themselves see as a ‘standard house type’, the advantages of using standard designs (in terms of costs and in terms of skills), and the manner in which the portfolio of designs is continually appraised and updated.

  • Received February 6, 1999.
  • Revision received May 10, 1999.
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Types Of Rangoli Designs
Types Of Rangoli Designs
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House designs of April 2014
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