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May 6, 2016
Preparatory and first grades
1, 250
2, 500
5, 000
10, 000 10
20, 000 20
40, 000 40
80, 000 80
160, 000 160
11 320, 000 320
15 640, 000 640
200, 000 200
27 800, 000 800


House Panel, pets allowed, not set as home.
House Panel, pets disallowed, home.

At any given house, pirates can only purchase or enter houses of that specific type: at a shack only shacks are available and not a mansion. To buy a different type, go to the house of the appropriate type. However not all islands have all house types available.

Only the monarch of a flag or the captain of a crew may purchase a pirate hall.

It is not possible to trade-in a currently owned house in exchange for a discount on a new house. Additionally, the ownership of houses is non-transferrable; a pirate cannot sell a house to another pirate.

Free shack

Pirates that do not own any shack may acquire a shack for free on any island that has them. Owning housing of another type does not influence this rule.

Editing the room's news

Clicking on "Edit News" brings up an initially blank screen, where pirates can leave news for themselves and others to read. Editing the news supports HTML code for making text bold, italicized, underlined, and for changing text forecolors and backcolors. (See the External Links section below for info on how to change text colors.)

Throwing a party

Owners and roommates can throw a party. Just click the button marked "Throw party" on the House panel. Party messages, once complete, appear on the notice board's "news and events" tab. Party advertisements cost 250 PoE each. There is a limit of one party message at a time for a house. Party messages disappear after one hour of advertisement.

Arrange furniture

Owners and roommates can also add, move, and remove their own furniture or remove props from their building. This is done using the Arrange furniture panel by clicking on the "Arrange Furniture" button.

If a piece of furniture that is designed to hold items, such as a wardrobe, sword rack, or bludgeon trunk is removed, all items contained in that furniture are transferred to the appropriate section of the owner's booty panel. Note however that Pieces of Eight are stored in the house coffers and not in a specific chest. This means that even if all chests are removed, the PoE will remain attached to the house and be inaccessible until a chest is placed again.

Building records

The "Building Records" button on the House panel will show a list of recent changes to the house. This includes items and PoE that have been added and removed, as well as changes made to roommates.

Disallow pets

Configure access to the house


By default, only the owner of a dwelling or his or her roommates may enter. Other players may knock on the door of a house to ask permission to come inside. The owner (and any roommates) will get a notice that the person wishes to enter. The request can be accepted or denied. Further, an owner can use /invite to extend an invitation and /plank to eject a person.

Pirates that have purchased dwellings can add roommates via the "Configure house" button. Roommates are treated like shoppe managers. They have similar privileges to arrange furniture, invite people, or eject people. It is not possible for the owner and roommates to eject each other. The maximum number of roommates is determined by the type of house.

Additionally, the owner or roommates can configure a house using the "Configure house" button to allow entry without knocking when the owner or a roommate is home to any combination of the following four groups: hearties, crewmates, flagmates, and/or all players. Note these groups are checked against the owners and roommates currently in the building only. The hearties of an absent roommate will not get unrestricted entry, for example.

A pirate hall has different access rights to other housing types. All members of the crew or flag to which the hall belongs have free access. In addition, the hall has no roommates - instead, the captain and senior officers of a crew or the monarch and royalty of a flag automatically have roommate access rights to the hall. Pirates not in the crew or flag may still knock on the door to request entry.

Home Sweet Home

Clicking on the "Set as home" button on the House Panel will set the building as home for that pirate. Subsequently, when a pirate clicks "Go home" on the Ye panel, they will be transported back to their home (in this case this house).


To paint a house:

  1. Purchase a paint brush from an apothecary.
  2. Return to the room which is to be painted.
  3. On the Booty panel, click on the paint brush and select Paint.
  4. There will be options to paint the room various colors, at prices which vary by island.
Source: yppedia.puzzlepirates.com
Our House, where we live, different types of houses, homes
Our House, where we live, different types of houses, homes ...
Types of Houses
Types of Houses
types of houses,terraced house,garden house
types of houses,terraced house,garden house
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