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August 9, 2016
Timothy Hursley

Architecture is a practice. By this, we mean in simplest terms that we get better by doing it, like playing a sport or a musical instrument. More profoundly, architectural practice is a mode of understanding and operating within the world.

Technique is important. We deploy an array of manual and digital techniques when designing a building just as we depend upon all manner of technologies to construct a building. Techniques and technologies are not mute tools, as they testify to our understanding of the world and our desire to project a world. As that world becomes more diverse in its cultures and more constrained in its economies and ecologies, we must examine our understandings of the world if we are to intelligently operate within it.

At the Knowlton School, we are committed to all aspects of architectural practice: its central creative activity, design; its techniques and technologies; and its histories and capacities. Design synthesizes all of these and answers our profound desire to address the present by building a future.

With a 12:1 student to faculty ratio, a world-renowned lecture series, distinguished visiting faculty and emerging practitioners, award winning building, cutting-edge materials/fabrication laboratory and extensive travel programs, we have exceptional educational programs.

Robert S. Livesey
Professor and Head, Architecture Section


The Master of Architecture (MArch) program prepares students to engage in the practice of architecture with cultural awareness, critical ability, inventive curiosity and technical facility. Design studios and theory courses focus on the broader cultural implications of architecture, while courses in technology and the profession prepare the student for the realities of architectural practice.


The Bachelor of Science in Architecture (BSArch) program provides a general liberal arts education through the study of architecture combined with broad general education. As such, students receive a rigorous intellectual training in the sciences, the humanities, and the arts, as well as a direct, hands-on approach to synthesizing this knowledge in architectural design studios.

Source: knowlton.osu.edu
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