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May 24, 2014
#15 Ohio State University

Architecture is a mode of thinking about and acting within the world. Architecture’s expansive scope encompasses the arts, the humanities, and the sciences. It requires a broad awareness of the environment in which we live, and it focuses on process as well as product.

In Ohio State’s undergraduate architecture program, students learn to develop abstract relationships and understand the impact of ideas based on the research and analysis of cultural, social, political, economic, and environmental contexts. The studio-based curriculum engages students individually and collaboratively as they propose design solutions and communicate those solutions through a range of media: digital rendering, model making, full-scale fabrication, writing, and public presentations. Additionally, students gain understanding of the technical aspects of design through experimentation with materials, structures, and building systems.

Students entering the program begin with foundation courses including a hands-on design studio which results in the production of a portfolio. A sequence of six studios during the second, third, and fourth years of the program build on scale and complexity over a range of building types. These studios of 12-15 students are led by faculty and practicing architects. During the summer, students can participate in the School’s numerous travel abroad programs or have internship experiences.

The pre-professional Bachelor of Science in architecture prepares students for a range of career options. Many students continue their studies in graduate programs; typically students attend any accredited Master of Architecture program, but some students build on their architecture foundation in related disciplines. Ohio State students have an outstanding track record in gaining admission to the nation’s best architecture graduate programs. Other students pursue employment opportunities in the architectural/design industries, the arts, business, or public service.

Future students

To learn more about the Knowlton School, its award-winning facilities, faculty, financial aid and educational opportunities including travel, career services, and student organizations, please visit the future students section of the website.

Source: knowlton.osu.edu
Solar Decathlon 2011: Ohio State
Solar Decathlon 2011: Ohio State
Ohio State Virtual Tour - Solar Decathlon 2011
Ohio State Virtual Tour - Solar Decathlon 2011
Ohio State Students Build Pod House
Ohio State Students Build Pod House
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