Architectural Time Periods

May 31, 2012

The Bachelor of Architecture Degree (B. Arch) is comprised of Professional Curriculum and General Education Requirements for a total of 231 credits:

  • General Education and Group Requirements (87 credits)
  • Architectural Design (64 credits)
  • Architectural Subject Area (80 credits)

For further information on the Architectural Design and Subject Area Requirements, see the
Bachelor of Architecture Curriculum Outline.

General Education and Group Requirements (87 credits)
University requirements include group requirements and general electives. They are intended to ensure each student receives an education rich in the liberal arts tradition. Undergraduate students should complete most of the General and Group requirements prior to entry into their first ARCH 484 studio.

Group Requirements (9 courses, 36 credits)
A minimum of 36 credits is required. Architecture majors must fulfill 12 credits in each of the three general education groups (refer to the Catalog for courses listed by group):
• Arts and Letters (A&L=>1)
• Social Science (SSC=>2)
• Science (SC=>3)
Coursework selected must comply with the following:
• Two groups must include at least two courses in one subject
• Each group must include courses in at least two subjects
• Out of the total 36, no more than three courses from one subject, no more than one course within the major

English Composition (8 credits)
The general requirements also include two courses in English Composition (most students take WR 121 and WR 122). It is possible to take a waiver exam or 'challenge' these courses. Some students will have AP (Advanced Placement) exam credits for English and other group-satisfying courses. AP credits are generally listed on the admission statement if you took the exams prior to the processing of your application.

Multicultural Requirement (up to 8 additional credits if not met in other courses)
The multicultural requirement is intended to broaden your understanding of social issues. To satisfy the Multicultural Requirement, a student must take an approved course in TWO of the three categories: American Cultures (AC), Identity, Pluralism, and Tolerance (IP), and International Cultures (IC). It is possible to select courses that also satisfy group requirements, so these 8 credits are not included in the total number credits required stated above.

General Electives (43 credits; 16 must be upper division outside ARCH/IARC)
B.Arch. majors must complete 16 credits of upper-division, writing-intensive (numbered 300 and above) outside the subject areas of architecture and interior architecture. Service and performance courses and weekend seminars are not accepted. Any ARH courses taken beyond the ARH requirement can be applied toward the upper division requirements. Many upper division courses have prerequisites. Students may apply ARH coursework only after satisfying the history of architecture Sequence A, B or C requirement.

General Education courses satisfying B.Arch. degree requirements
The following courses are required for a B.Arch. degree and may also satisfy General Education requirements.

Physics Requirement (PHYS 201, PHYS 202)
Architecture majors must have a working knowledge of general physics and computational models for mechanics, thermodynamics, sound and light. General Physics (PHYS 201, 202) is a strictly enforced prerequisite for enrollment in Structural Behavior, ARCH 461. The third term of General Physics, PHY 203, is not required.

Math Requirement (MATH 111, MATH 112)
College Algebra (MATH 111) and Elementary Functions (MATH 112) are prerequisites for General Physics I and II or PHYS 201, 202 as taught here at the University of Oregon. These cover virtually all mathematical modeling and theory in the architectural technology coursework and are the prerequisites for Structural Behavior (ARCH 461). Ultimately the burden is on each student to fulfill the math requirement prior to registering for General Physics (PHYS 201). Your placement is determined by the SAT Math and/ or the placement exams. The placement exams are offered at the Testing Center.

Subject Area Requirements (minimum 84 credits)

Architectural History Requirement (4 courses minimum, covering defined time-periods)
All professional degree students in architecture must take architectural history courses covering defined time-periods. A minimum of four courses, which must include either ARH 314 or 315, Survey of Western Architecture is required. Students are advised to take ARH 314 and/or 315 within the first two years of the program. See Approved History Sequences.

Fundamentals (7 credits)

Brains & Pictures CAM35TL - Timelapse - Architecture
Brains & Pictures CAM35TL - Timelapse - Architecture
Introduction - Lost Architecture of Time
Introduction - Lost Architecture of Time
Architecture Time Periods
Architecture Time Periods
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