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March 29, 2011
Cottage Makeover

When you buy your first home, you’ll be tasked with an endeavor that can seem far more daunting than house hunting—decorating. Before you start looking at swatches or even break out your measuring tape, it’s important to take a step back and think about how you want your home to look. What’s your home decorating personality?

Do like clean lines and functional, no frills furniture? If so, you may appreciate the simplicity of Modern decorating. Modern home décor is characterized by neutral colors palettes and geometric shapes. This does not mean that modern home décor is bland or boring. You can add eye-catching accents to any modern room by adding colored or patterned throw pillows or artwork. However, keep in mind that artwork and accessories should be kept to a minimum so that you maintain a sleek, sophisticated, and simple atmosphere. Modern rooms should have an air of openness. So, if you’re tight on space, you can try hanging light curtains or minimizing the number of things you hang on the wall.

modern home decorClassic Traditional
Do you strive to achieve understated elegance? Classic traditional home décor is rich without being flashy. Decorating a room in the classic traditional style requires soft, curved lines which gives your rooms a subdued elegance. Decorating your home in the classic traditional style will allow you to fuse modern conveniences with antique furniture and artwork. Classic traditional home décor can utilize rich or vibrant color palettes to help you attain a warm, “homey” environment.

Classic Elegant

Do you want your living room to look like the set of Downton Abbey? Classic elegant home décor is rich and just a tiny bit flashy. Decorating your home in the classic elegant style will create a more formal and refined ambiance.classic traditional home decor Classic elegant home décor is characterized by luxe accent material (like marble, granite, or glass), grand chandeliers, and delicate furniture. A bedroom decorated in the classic elegant style, for example, would feature a large, ornate bed frame, soft hues, and glass or crystal accents.

Do you dream of a time when life was simpler? Rustic home décor utilizes antique, weathered materials to achieve a look that will connect you with the past. Rustic home décor is about taking a break from virtual, digital reality and celebrating tangible beauty. Materials that work well with Rustic style are reclaimed wood, distressed metal, and durable fabrics (such as linen or wool). To achieve a rustic style in your home, you should use natural, earthy tones. If you want to add splashes of bright color, red, golden yellow, and deep blue work best.

Mix and Match

Once you know you decorating personality, it will be easier to pick pieces for your home. However, you don’t need to feel tied to one style or theme. You can mix and match these style personalities to achieve a truly unique look for your home. The clean geometric lines of modern décor paired with the curved, soft lines of traditional décor could produce a striking contrast in your home. For example, pairing an elegant tapered chair with a modern rug or print is a way to personalize the style in your home and put your own distinct touch on each room.

classic elegant home decor rustic home decor
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