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March 10, 2014
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Costumes: For girls, a long white nightshirt or dress (it should reach her ankles), bare feet or leather sandals, and a long piece of solid-colored linen (or cotton) or wool for a veil over it. For boys, an extra-large white T-shirt will do (it should come down to his knees), with a leather belt, and bare feet or leather sandals. Boys can wear a cloak (preferably wool) over the tunic, also kneelength.

Food: For a typical Roman meal, you might begin with olives and deviled eggs, and then a lentil or barley soup, or cheese pizza (without any tomato sauce), with sausage or pepperoni, or onions and garlic, on it. A green salad with radishes, or cooked leeks, would also be appropriate. For dessert, walnuts or apples (fresh or dried) or melon would be pretty normal, or little cakes made with honey. The Romans said that a meal went "from eggs to apples" the way we say "from soup to nuts."

Karen Eva Carr, PhD.
Assoc. Professor Emerita, History
Portland State University

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Professor Carr holds a B.A. with high honors from Cornell University in classics and archaeology, and her M.A. and PhD. from the University of Michigan in Classical Art and Archaeology. She has excavated in Scotland, Cyprus, Greece, Israel, and Tunisia, and she has been teaching history to university students for a very long time.

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Social Studies Project - Ancient Rome News Report
Social Studies Project - Ancient Rome News Report
Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome
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