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July 19, 2013
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Do: Capture your home’s selling points.

You may think it’s best to skip the bathroom when taking listing photos, but if yours was recently updated, show it off! Bathrooms are among the first spaces to be upgraded in newly-owned homes, according to the American Institute of Architects.

Don’t: Capture yourself in the mirror.

Adding a mirror to a room is one way to add more light to a room. And while a vanity can be a home’s selling point, you want buyers to picture themselves in the mirror — not you. Stay out of your listing photos by avoiding angles where you or the flash of your camera may be reflected.

Do: Stage each room.

While there are several options to consider when staging your home, the key is to put your best foot forward in your listing photos. In the kitchen pictured above, a vase of flowers freshens the space without hiding the countertops or other high-end finishes.

Don’t: Stage a mess.

If there is one absolute “no” when it comes listing photos, it’s capturing a mess. It’s one of the things sellers do that drive agents nuts. To check if your level of cleanliness is the right amount, do the “grandma test” by asking yourself if your grandma would feel at home here.

good angle (3)Do: Play up the season.

Even if your home has sat on the market for a while, it will seem up-to-date if the photos reflect the season. If it’s summer, take a sunny photo of the backyard. If it’s winter, create a cozy feel with a fire and a warm blanket.

Do: Show off the view.

If the view is one of your home’s selling points, you’ll definitely want to show it off. It’s best if you can capture it with a part of the house — such as the deck or porch — in the shot. That way, buyers can tell where the view is from and more easily picture themselves there.

Don’t: Show off your pets.

bad angle - sinking house (2)It’s best to focus on the parts of your home that will be there when a buyer moves in. As much as you may love your pets, showing them off can come across like false advertising.

Do: Consider the backdrop.

If a room in your home has an incredible backdrop, try to capture it in your photos. This covered porch is a great example of how you can showcase the interior space while also giving a nod to the home’s surroundings. Rearranging the furniture can also have a dramatic impact on a space.

Don’t: Consider a screenshot.

It can be tempting to take a screenshot of an online street-view of your home, but don’t do it! Even if you don’t want to hire a professional, your own exterior photo is likely a better option for your listing.

Do: Show off architectural details.

Archways, nooks and crannies may be hard to photograph, but they are what give your home its character. Try to capture a few of the architectural details if you can.

Don’t: Show off architectural blunders.

Every home has its blemishes, but that doesn’t mean you have to capture them all in the photos. The listing is the time put your best foot forward; the open house and inspection are when the buyer can take note of the imperfections. You may also want to consider making a few small improvements, like updating the bathroom, before listing your home.

Do: Take a night shot with the lights on.

While it’s easy to assume daytime shots are the best, a nighttime exterior shot can create the right amount of contrast to make your photos stand out. The key is to leave your home’s interior and exterior lights on while you take the photo.

Don’t: Take an interior shot in the dark.

When it comes to interior photos, the more light, the better. Use lamps and daytime window light to make your photos as bright as possible, while still looking natural.

Welcoming entryway birds-eye view fish-eye lens bathroom
Source: www.zillow.com
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