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February 10, 2013
Of Shapes And Stories

Khloé Kardashian Credit: Chris Weeks/Getty Images

Simply marvelous, dah-ling! and showed off their beautiful homes in Architectral Digest’s annual “Celebrities at Home” issue, and the genius behind their designs couldn’t be more proud of his work.

“It’s like this fabulous kind of sex pit of gorgeousness, ” interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard tells Us of the 31-year-old reality star’s abode. “And it’s honestly very kind of like her lifestyle, like Kocktails With Khloé, her new show. She loves to entertain, she loves to have her friends over, she loves to have various hangout spaces.”

Bullard also raves about the Strong Looks Better Naked author’s orderly pantry, which is “really, really, very precise.”

Khloé Kardashian Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

“One of my favorite things in Khloé's kitchen is her cookie jars, ” he says. “They’re all perfectly lined up in this sort of amazing, towering volume that’s incredible. I mean, for fun sometimes I’ll go in and take a cookie out of the jar just so she has to quickly panic and replace it. It’s adorable.”

Kourtney’s home, on the other hand, has a more simple, sleek look about it, Bullard tells Us.

Roger Davies for Architectural Digest

“It was so funny because Kourtney, in her past decorating life, had a lot of patent, had a lot of color. It was a lot like a young person kind of doing whatever they wanted to and seeing if it was all going to work out, ” Bullard says of the mom of three, whose love for interior design has been showcased on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. “And from that she sort of has blossomed into this real design enthusiast, but in the fact that she wants to have a more pared down, more sophisticated look.”

Bullard adds that the sisters had plenty of input on each other’s home designs through the entire process — and it helped that they lived just five minutes apart.

“They both comment on each other’s everything, ” the designer says. “Sometimes they’ll ask each other’s advice, you know, ‘Do you like this color?’ ‘Is this too green?’ ‘Is it too gray?’ So it is very funny and they both look at it with their different perspectives. It’s actually made it fun because these girls are all about family and they all live in each other’s lives every day, and so really, the design process was sort of throughout the family.”

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