Style (architecture)

March 10, 2020

It is a style of architecture that is created by combining the essence of both traditional and modern architecture. It is a combination of the two elements which are traditional and modern. Traditional architecture consists of large shapes with simple geometric designs. It is also known as Neoclassicism. It involves decorative details in fine detail. On the other hand, Modern architecture is characterized by large and sharply defined forms and has no ornamental details. It is basically organic and has less emphasis on detail in the design.

The style of architecture, and the shape of the building is determined by the availability of the space. As a result, this style of architecture is also known as mixed construction or town planning. When you are looking for a building for your home, it should be able to suit your tastes, needs and budget. The style of architecture of a building is as important as the structure itself. Most people will have an idea about what style of architecture you want when you are choosing a building for your home. If you want to make sure that you choose a good building then you need to learn about the different styles.

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