Chinese Architecture style

April 6, 2016
Roof with ancient Chinese
Chinese ancient architecture has its own unique style in the world architecture. It uses different structural materials which include civil construction, brick work, timber construction and bamboo construction. There are various architecture styles such as palace, tower, temple, garden and mausoleum which can be generally grouped into imperial architecture, religious architecture, garden architecture and general architecture.

Imperial Architecture
There were certain architectural features that were reserved solely for buildings built for the Emperor of China. One example is the use of yellow roof tiles; yellow having been the Imperial color, yellow roof tiles still adorn most of the buildings within the Forbidden City. The Temple of Heaven, however, uses blue roof tiles to symbolize the sky...[details]

Religious Architecture
Generally speaking, Buddhist architecture follow the imperial style. A large Buddhist monastery normally has a front hall, housing the statue of a Bodhisattva, followed by a great hall, housing the statues of the Buddhas...[details]

Garden Architecture
Early in the Shang Dynasty (16th - 11th century BC) and followed by the Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC - 221 BC), Chinese kings and nobilities began the practice of developing forests and woods for the specific purpose of hunting...[details]

General Architecture
The 56 ethnic groups have weaved a colorful Chinese civilian residence picture. In northern part of Shaanxi Province, people prefer to live in Farmer's House (Yao Dong). In Yunnan Province, local people build Seal-like Compound (Yi ke yin) to dwell in, and in the west of Fujian Province, Hakkas create the Earthen Buildings which is considered to be built with a wondrous architectural style. No matter what kind of architectural style they belong to, they are all the Major Styles of Traditional Chinese Residences...[details]

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