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July 30, 2011
Palladian Style Window At
  • This home dates back to the pre-Revolutionary era, but still remains a popular architectural choice for many Americans.

    Can you guess the style of this house?

    An Enduring Design
  • One of the country's most prevalent home styles, the term "Colonial" covers a broad spectrum of homes that typically share the following characteristics, according to "This Old House": large entryway, symmetrical facade, six-over-six windows, and a gable or gambrel roof. Colonials also often have dormers, or a protruding space on the slope of the roof.

    ANSWER: Colonial
  • Location: New Canaan, Conn.
    Price: $3.195 million
    Beds/Baths: 6/8
    Sq. Ft.: 7, 402

    ANSWER: Colonial
  • Sort of evocative of a castle isn't it? Its name has a similar association.

    Guess this home's style.

    The Royal Treatment
  • Queen Annes are characterized by their stark, asymmetrical shapes, bay windows and jutting turrets. They typically have decorative trim and a first-floor porch. Sometimes referred to as "Victorian, " the Queen Anne style emerged as a popular design after the Civil War, when munitions factories began mass producing metal house parts and wood trim, according to "This Old House".

    ANSWER: Queen Anne
  • Location: Bath, Maine
    Price: $875, 000
    Beds/Baths: 6/7
    Sq. Ft.: 4, 877

    This historic home, built in 1889, offers two parlors, radiant flooring and steam baths. As with many other Queen Anne-style homes, the interior hosts a variety of colors.

    ANSWER: Queen Anne
  • An iconic American architect crafted this style.

    Give us a guess.

    The Wright Stuff
  • Created by preeminent American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, prairie style reflects the larger-than-life architect's fondness for low horizontal lines and airy interiors. The homes usually have low-pitched roofs, overhanging eaves, a central chimney and open floor plan.

    ANSWER: Prairie Style
  • ANSWER: Prairie Style
  • This style of home had its heyday in the 1950s and '60s.

    Can you guess the design?

    'Mad Men' Lived Here
  • Midcentury moderns feature flat roofs and are often constructed of brick, stucco and stone. The homes usually offer open-floor plans that feature an airy center area that functions as a living and dining-kitchen space. Built to welcome in natural light, the homes often have floor-to-ceiling glass windows.

    ANSWER: Midcentury Modern
  • ANSWER: Midcentury Modern
  • These homes are mostly found in New England.

    Anything come to mind?

    Fishing for Homes?
  • The Cape Cod style is a type of Colonial that came into its own in the 1920s. The classic Cape Cod is a one-story symmetrical cottage with a steep pitched roof and dormers. Their exteriors are typically clapboard, stucco or brick. While this home wears the trappings of Cape Cod style, it dwarfs its ancestors in size.

    ANSWER: Cape Cod
  • Location: Chatham, Mass.
    Price: $2.695 million
    Beds/Baths: 5/5
    Sq. Ft.: 3, 260

    This sizable Cape Cod makes a great clan getaway with its five bedrooms. The home has hardwood floors, water views and a fireplace. There's also is a golf course nearby.

    ANSWER: Cape Cod
  • This style of home shares its name with a Southern state.

    Do you know what it is?

    Quite a Peach
  • Georgians have symmetrical facades with double-hung windows. Their front doors are generally paneled with transom lights, and sometimes have pedimented crowns. Georgian exteriors are generally brick in the South - as with this lavish mansion in Georgia - and clapboard in the North.

    ANSWER: Georgian
  • Location: Atlanta
    Price: $8 million
    Beds/Baths: 7/9
    Sq. Ft.: N/A

    This ivy-covered mansion boasts a grand portico and two symmetrical wings. The home sits on a five-acre estate that has gardens, waterfalls and two ponds. Highlights include two guesthouses, a nine-car garage, 12-seat theater, elevator and billiard room.

    ANSWER: Georgian
  • This style of home, influenced by native American architecture, is common in the Southwest.

    Can you name the style?

    A New Mexico Favorite
  • The pueblo house was the home of choice for many Spanish settlers and Native Americans who lived in the southwest in the colonial era. The homes usually have flat roofs, adobe exteriors with rounded edges and exposed wood beams.

    ANSWER: Pueblo
  • ANSWER: Pueblo
  • This style of home covers a wide range of modern-day domiciles.

    Take a guess.

    State of the Art
  • "Contemporary" is a bit of an umbrella term that encompasses a wide array of modern styles. They are generally minimalist and emphasize functionality, often featuring clean lines and abundant natural light.

    ANSWER: Contemporary
  • Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
    Price: $2.9 million
    Beds/Baths: 5/3
    Sq. Ft.: 8, 100

    This giant contemporary has sweeping marble-tiled floors along with floor-to-ceiling windows, out of which you can take in picturesque views of Salt Lake City and the mountains beyond it. Amenities include a hot tub, swimming pool and "meditation area."

    ANSWER: Contemporary
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