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April 19, 2015
20 Photos of the Architectural


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Learn about styles of old houses in these articles from Old-House Journal.
American Houses, Spanish Styles

While English buildings were the font of the Colonial Revival, Iberian- influenced houses seeded parallel styles in the West and Southwest.

Architectural Styles: Colonial Charm

Just outside Washington, D.C., the Virginia waterfront town of Alexandria manages to preserve its architectural heritage amid a bustling contemporary setting.

Architectural Styles: Italianate

Paralleling America's Industrial Revolution, the Italianate offered homeowners an aesthetic that was at once romantic and practical.

Dallas Stars

Dallas has more to offer than just the fictional Ewing family - it's also a hotbed of historic homes in a range of styles. The Spanish Eclectic house opening our story on clay roof tiles, designed by local architect Clifford Hutsell for his own use in the 1920s, is but one grand eary 20th-century example.

Germanic Houses in the New World

From Pennsylvania farmsteads to Texas stonework, German-speaking immigrants melded old and new building traditions to play a subtle but significant role in the evolution of American houses.

Have You Seen This House?

While many early mail-order homes often sprung up side by side, making them easy to find and identify, our historians have tracked down one plan that's proved puzzlingly exlusive to locate in the field. We'll tell you how you can help them solve this mystery.

Modern for the Masses

How progressive architects and builders brought high-concept houses to the postwar burbs.

Mushroom Houses of Charlevoix

Blending Arts & Crafts hallmarks with fanciful Storybook Style, an enclave of peculiar old houses in Charlevoix, Michigan, provides a one-of-a-kind study on vernacular architecture.

Ranch Days

Ranch houses, those omnipresent postwar dwellings, just hit the mid-century mark, and in doing so, garnered historic status and a new troop of admirers.

Refreshing Rooms-in-the-Round

Restoring and decorating circular spaces requires making the most of what you've got-and having a few tricks up your sleeve.

Row Houses of Society Hill

In Philadelphia's Society Hill, urban renewal and historic revival combine to reveal architectural treasures galore.

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Style: House
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