History of World architecture

June 20, 2014
Iwan Baan

1311. [ARCH 1311] Design, Environment, and Society (3). Introduction to architecture as an integral component of a complex world. Examination of societal and environmental contexts and appropriate design responses. Fulfills core Social and Behavioral Sciences requirement. F.

1341. Architectural Freehand Drawing (3). Basic skills and techniques in representational drawing. Subjects include the human figure, architectural interiors and exteriors, landscapes and cityscapes. Black and white media. F.

1353. Digital Media I (3). Prerequisite: AutoCAD. An introduction to the use of the computer as a design drawing tool with an emphasis on conceptual knowledge and computing skills for design communication. S.

1402. [ARCH 1403] Architectural Design Studio I (4). Introduction to the principles and methods used at various stages of design analysis and synthesis processes. Skill developments in the abstraction, transformation, and composition of two- and three-dimensional design. S.


2311. [ARCH 1301] History of World Architecture I (3). Survey of the development of world architecture from pre-history to the Middle Ages. Fulfills core Language, Philosophy, and Culture requirement. F.

2315. [ARCH 1302] History of World Architecture II (3). Survey of the development of world architecture from the Renaissance through the nineteenth century. Fulfills core Creative Arts requirement. S.

2342. Creative Process (3). Prerequisite: ARCH 1341. Exploration of graphic, drawing, and art-media skills to strengthen design process and judgment. S.

2351. [ARCH 2312] Architectural Construction I (3). Prerequisite or corequisite: ARCH 2501 or equivalent. Introduction to construction systems, methods, and materials with emphasis on the wall section. Introduction to issues of sustainability and envelope performance. S.

2355. Architectural Environmental Systems (3). Introduction to thermal design; daylighting; analysis of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems; and acoustical design. F.

2501. [ARCH 1404] Architectural Design Studio II (5). Prerequisite: admission to the professional program. Basic-Internal. Introducing design skills that are core and internal to architecture. Practical-drawing as inquiries/form/transformation/composition/spatial modulation. F.

2502. Architectural Design Studio III (5). Prerequisite: ARCH 2501. Basic-External. Introduces design skills that are external to architectural practice-drawing as inquiries and analysis, integration of building elements, site and program. S.


3313. History of World Architecture III (3). Survey of the development of world architecture during the twentieth century. F. (Writing Intensive)

3314. Contemporary Issues in Architecture (3). Contemporary issues in architectural theory and history utilizing precedents from early 20th century to present. May be repeated for credit. (Writing Intensive)

3341. Digital Media II (3). Prerequisite: ARCH 1353. The use of 3-D computer graphics and modeling or design development with an emphasis on multimedia design presentations. F.

3350. Architectural Construction II (3). Prerequisite: ARCH 2351. Study of statics, member analysis, material science, and advanced construction systems with emphasis on the systems module and introduction to system integration code and cost. F.

3352. Building Information Technology (3). Prerequisites: ARCH 1353, 2355, and 3350. Analysis of communication of technical information and the process of preparing documents for building construction utilizing Building Information Modeling (BIM).

3355. Architectural Construction III (3). Prerequisite: ARCH 3350. Study of structural capacity, connection design, and envelope performance and cost with emphasis on cladding. Introduction to system integration. Outside assignments required. S.

3361. Design Workshop (3). Special projects and project development in architectural design. May be repeated for credit.

3362. Product Design Workshop (3). Introduction to the design and executed construction of a prototypical piece of furniture or other design product using an architectural design process. May be repeated for credit. S.

3373. Environmental Analysis – Site Planning (3). A basic course to develop a working knowledge of the techniques and principles involved in site planning to provide optimum living and working environments. F.

3501. Architectural Design Studio IV (5). Building systems. Teaches design skills centered on the building as a technological system and ecological device. Introduces life safety, accessibility, and building codes. Open only to architecture majors or to students having permission of the dean. F.

3502. Architectural Design Studio V (5). Prerequisite: ARCH 3501. Building frame and skin. Teaches design skills centered on the technology of enclosure in building design. Considers site and building details. S.


4000. Research in Architecture and Urban Studies (V1-6). Prerequisite: Advanced standing and approval of the dean. Individual studies of special interest in advanced architecture, history of architecture, and city planning. May be repeated for credit.

4311. Architecture in Nonwestern Societies (3). A study of multicultural architectural contributions, interrelationships of culture and architecture, diversity of traditions, meanings, modernity, and change in the nonwestern world. (Writing Intensive)

4324. Introduction to Historic Preservation (3). An introduction to the history and contemporary practice of historic preservation, including the preservation of buildings, landscapes, and material culture.

4325. Cultural Heritage Tourism (3). Prerequisite: ARCH 4324. Study of the practice and theory of heritage tourism and strategies for the sustainable development and management of cultural heritage tourism initiatives.

4341. Media Elective (3). Analog or digital media options chosen from approved list. May be repeated for ctegrative Building Modeling(3) Prerequisite: ARCH 2355 and 3355. Integration of structural, mechanics, electrical, plumbing, and code with life safety systems into building design, through a comprehensive building model. S.

4354. Integrative Building Modeling (3). Prerequisite: ARCH 2355 and 3355. Integration of structural, mechanics, electrical, plumbing, and code with life safety systems into building design, through a comprehensive building model. S.

4361. Architectural Studies Seminar (3). The study, presentation, and discussion of issues regarding architecture as an aspect of culture. May be repeated for credit.

4391. Architectural Internship (3). Prerequisite: ARCH 3502. Individual study based on an approved internship position consisting of a minimum of 300 hours per semester or summer.

4392. Historic Preservation Internship (3). Prerequisites: ARCH 4324 and 4325. Supervised internship designed to provide students with practical experience. Practicum includes a report, an oral presentation, and a minimum work commitment of 160 hours.

Source: www.depts.ttu.edu
History of Architecture
History of Architecture
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Download PDF A World History of Architecture 2nd edition ...
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Download PDF Ancient Architecture History of World ...
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