History of Roman architecture

November 2, 2014
The rich history of Roman

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Introduction 1

1. Italic Architecture of the Earlier First Millennium BCE 6
Jeffrey A. Becker

2. Rome and Her Neighbors: Greek Building Practices in Republican Rome 27
Penelope J.E. Davies

3. Creating Imperial Architecture 45
Inge Nielsen

4. Columns and Concrete: Architecture from Nero to Hadrian 63
Caroline K. Quenemoen

5. The Severan Period 82
Edmund V. Thomas

6. The Architecture of Tetrarchy 106
Emanuel Mayer

7. Architect and Patron 127
James C. Anderson, jr.

8. Plans, Measurement Systems, and Surveying: The Roman Technology of Pre-Building 140
John R. Senseney

9. Materials and Techniques 157
Lynne C. Lancaster and Roger B. Ulrich

10. Labor Force and Execution 193
Rabun Taylor

11. Urban Sanctuaries: The Early Republic to Augustus 207
John W. Stamper

12. Monumental Architecture of Non-Urban Cult Places in Roman Italy 228
Tesse D. Stek

13. Fora 248
James F.D. Frakes

14. Funerary Cult and Architecture 264
Kathryn J. McDonnell

15. Building for an Audience: The Architecture of Roman Spectacle 281
Hazel Dodge

16. Roman Imperial Baths and Thermae 299
Fikret K. Yegül

17. Courtyard Architecture in the Insulae of Ostia Antica 324
Roger B. Ulrich

18. Domus/Single Family House 342
John R. Clarke

19. Private Villas: Italy and the Provinces 363
Mantha Zarmakoupi

20. Romanization 381
Louise Revell

21. Streets and Facades 399
Ray Laurence

22. Vitruvius and his Influence 412
Ingrid D. Rowland

23. Ideological Applications: Roman Architecture and Fascist Romanità 426
Genevieve S. Gessert

24. Visualizing Architecture Then and Now: Mimesis and the Capitoline Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus 446

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[PDF Download] Roman Architecture (History of World
[PDF Download] Roman Architecture (History of World ...
Brief of History Roman Architecture
Brief of History Roman Architecture
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