Moorish style Architecture

December 4, 2013
arch Noun

shape that looks like an upside-down "U."

architecture Noun

style and design of buildings or open spaces.

calligraphy Noun

decorative handwriting or script.

cathedral Noun

important regional church.

cusped arch Noun

arch with circular shapes cut into its interior.

Dome of the Rock Noun

Islamic shrine in Jerusalem, Israel.

emirate Noun

state or territory under the authority of an emir, or Islamic leader.

faience adjective, noun

type of painted pottery that has a tin glaze.

grotto Noun

natural or artificial cave.

intrado Noun

interior (smaller) part of an arch.

Islam Noun

religion based on the words and philosophy of the prophet Mohammed.

keyhole arch Noun

arch that has a generally rounded shape, although it can be pointed or lobed. Also called a Moorish arch or horseshoe arch.

madrassa Noun

school where Muslim theology is taught.

masonry Noun

construction made of stone or brick.

Middle East Noun

region of southwest Asia and northeast Africa.

minaret Noun

tower used to call Muslim worshippers to prayer.

Moor adjective, noun

people and culture native to North Africa, blending Arab and Berber cultures, who established a major civilization on the Iberian Peninsula between 756-1492.

mosque Noun

place of worship in the Muslim or Islamic religion.

motif Noun

theme or subject that reappears in a work of art.

muqarna Noun

decorative stone or brickwork jutting out from a wall, used in Islamic architecture.

Quran Noun

holy book of the Islamic religion.

tendril Noun

narrow, thread-like part of some plants that usually winds around something to help support the stem or main part of the plant.

vegetative Adjective
Creating Roman- and Moorish-style arches
Creating Roman- and Moorish-style arches
Moorish Architecture in Spain
Moorish Architecture in Spain
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