1970s house plans

March 30, 2016
Vintage House Plans 1970s:

TempA favorite of architects in the 1960s and 1970s, simple, streamlined Shed house plans feature multiple half-gable roofs sloping in different directions, delighting the eye with an exciting multi-geometrical effect. The dynamic, asymmetrical exteriors of Shed home plans are usually made up of shingle, board, or brick with low-key entrance ways that welcome visitors with warmth but a minimum of fanfare. Windows are irregular, varying from large expanses of glass for natural lighting and views to small, narrow, or high windows to protect privacy and preserve wall space for art display.

Related in style to Ranches, Split Levels and other Contemporary and Modern homes, spare but dramatic Shed homes can be found from New England to the Pacific Northwest and most anywhere in between. Ideal in almost any neighborhood setting, these distinctive single- or multi-storied homes offer the opportunity to create an endless variety of room configurations to suit eclectic individuals or families looking for lots of room, an uncluttered environment, and unmistakable modern style.

Source: www.dreamhomesource.com
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