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June 28, 2013
Choosing the right window is

Quick quiz: what's the difference between a Craftsman and a Country House? Are Cottages and Farmhouses synonyms or completely different styles? Who knows, right? We do.

If you've been scratching your head at the real estate listings and you just need a refresh, the listen up. We recently came across this super-helpful guide to the ten most popular styles of home in America. Here's a taste:

Country Style

This style is usually lumped together with Colonial homes because of their similar, European influenced details like wood detailing, wide porches and their defining characteristic: a front door flanked by a window on each side and five smaller windows above.

Modern Style

These homes came into vogue mid-century and feature lower roofs, horizontal orientation and large fireplaces. They're sleek and clean-lined and often use materials like wood and marble.

Cottage Style

Smaller houses that rose to popularity in the 1920s. They often have a small second story and usually feature plenty of built-ins like bookcases or window seats.

Ranch Style

Always single-story, these homes can have a sprawling footprint (as was possible on a ranch) and originated in the West and Southwest.

South Carolina House Styles
South Carolina House Styles
California House Styles - Bob Vila
California House Styles - Bob Vila
Three Common House Framing Styles
Three Common House Framing Styles
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