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November 21, 2011

dayton real estate online mediterranean houseThis one may seem fairly self-explanatory but there is a little more to it than just a wooden house. This style originated in the colder parts of Europe like Sweden and Russia where there was a large supply of the type of trees used to construct the houses. These houses are usually constructed using a pine tree because they grow to be tall and have straight trunks, ideal for walls. There are also a bunch of different ways of styling the logs for the home but I won’t go into those. Some features you can look for are:

  • It is made out of logs. That’s about it, this one isn’t difficult! haha


Aptly named, Mediterranean homes originated in the Mediterranean region in countries like Italy and Greece. Because the climate in that region is so warm, these houses have overhangs from the roof to create shady areas around the house and often have porches and balconies as well. These houses are noticeable because they are usually stucco on the outside with red roofs. Because the house needed to be cool when it was hot outside, interiors were often painted with shades of blue or grey.dayton real estate online ranch home This house is pretty simple to distinguish because they have:

  • Stucco siding
  • Red roofs
  • Painted in earthy colors like yellows, browns and some rust colors
  • Usually incorporates large windows
  • Shady outdoor areas


Ranch style homes were first built in California around the 1930s. They quickly gained popularity after World War 2 because the house style is simple and economical. It was perfect for soldiers returning from the war and their families. The original style of these houses is a little bit different than they are today, but both have a few similar features:

  • Single story home
  • Simple and open floor plan
  • Lack of decoration on the outside
  • Low pitched roof
  • Horizontally long

dayton real estate online tudor homeTudor

Tudor houses originated in England as far back as the 1500s. The homes back then needed the extra structural support which is why the style today has the decorative wood beams and stucco along the outside of the house. Today, those beams typically don’t play a role in keeping the house up and are there for the style and decoration. This home style can be identified by:

  • The decorative beams on the side of the house
  • Stucco between the beams
  • Tall windows
  • Ornate windows
  • Large chimneys

These are just a few more styles of home out there. Also keep in mind that not every home is going to fit descriptions and design standards perfectly. Hopefully you found this insightful and have a better idea of what style house you may want to move into. Again, if you missed Part 1 of my house styles blog, read here! Once you do figure out what style home you and your family would like to move into, give me a call at (937)619-7447. You can also check out our current listings on Dayton Real Estate Online 24/7. Have a great week Dayton!

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