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May 13, 2012
Contemporary Style

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Let's have a look at a home that combines the best of modern and naturalistic themes, rich with sculptural furniture and surprising features. Designed by Oleksii Karman and titled Fedir House, this residence combines a variety of influences with each block of space unveiling something new. Every room is different from the one before it – some of the distinctions are immediately breathtaking while others remain subtle and quite clever. Whether you're looking for ways to divide a large open ground floor layout or want cool inspiration for a creative kid's bedroom, this home highlights a variety of innovative solutions.

The main volume is an open floor plan divided by a central staircase that cuts a bright and spacious atrium between the functional spaces, a well-appointed kitchen on the left and a cozy living area lined up against the wall on the right. Notice how different types of wood give each area its own personality: the kitchen features large panels of sleek and sophisticated veneer, the living room offers an intimate atmosphere with slatted wood and integrated lighting, and the walking path remains light and simple.

Closeness seems to be an important feature of the living room, with furniture grouped together for comfortable conversation. The ceiling is slightly lower on this side of the atrium, visually compressed even further by the oversized pendant light hanging over the table. Check out those contemporary and retro-inspired prints on the sofa throw pillows – and how the colors are subtly echoed in the rug.
Look at these incredible stairs! Such an amazingly lightweight build, using ultra-low-profile treads with delicate cantilever design. It’s nice to see a cantilever staircase with handrails, an important feature for a young family like the one this home was designed to accommodate.
Open shelving offers a peek into the kitchen dining area, and allow for the free passage of light. The pendants in the atrium are from the Bell collection by Manuel Vivian.
The kitchen is incredibly distinctive, especially with such an interesting combination of materials!
Classic three leg stools feature stylish t-shaped stretchers and a gravity-defying folded seat in orange, a color that creates a fascinating contrast with the greenish-blue marble countertops and rich wood grain of the walls.
The layout is already quite spacious, but the open shelves and weightless stair treads really allow the open floor plan to spread its wings.
In terms of floor space, this office does not offer the wide open areas of the main living spaces, but creative solutions make it effective and spacious nonetheless. Glossy reflective walls preserve light near the handy floor-to-ceiling shelves on the far wall, and a window-facing desk offers an unbeatable view of the world outside.
Lime green and black make for an energizing color theme appropriate for creative work.
The simple but effective layout offers plenty of room for productivity.
Don’t you just love this classic bedroom design? The rough cross-cut wood block panels give the wall a delightfully rustic feel, and the fireplace full of candles offers a romantic aesthetic.
Without the skylights, the vaulted ceiling may have made the bed area feel a little cramped off in its secluded corner. This solution solves that problem, and allows for dreamy stargazing before drifting off to sleep at night.
A vintage-style dresser offers a delightful pop of color. Its rectilinear influences are cleverly offset by a rounded lamp and a chaotic rug print.
Such an imaginative room for a child!
Decorated with an engaging rug, a wall of plush cats, and its very own luxury sports car – who could resist?
An indoor jungle gym encourages play and fitness in one space-conscious package.
Of the two bathrooms, this one is probably the most surprising and unique.
While this home is filled with skylights in innovative places, this type of window is the ultimate luxury feature for a walk-in closet. Imagine knowing how your outfit will look in the daylight rather than guessing from dim closet lighting… truly useful.
A neutral and simple hallway with relaxed lighting.
The mirror makes it feel more spacious.
Source: www.home-designing.com
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