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November 15, 2012
Awesome Architectural Design
Section 1: Methodology
Lecture 1 04:18
An introduction to the course.
Lecture 2 17:36
This is just some notes about software design; partly because I want to explain why I don't know much about formal design methodologies and so won't cover them in this course (even though we will talk a fair bit about software design), partly just to explain what little I do know about it, and partly because I need to get a few things off my chest .
Lecture 3 07:11
We'd better start by looking at the most fundamental of design patterns - so fundamental that it can be overlooked, but it's the pattern that every software developer has in his or her head, and works from as a starting point.
Section 2: Structural Patterns
Lecture 4 09:25
In this tutorial we'll look at the theory behind MVC, before going on to implement an example
Lecture 5 18:36
In this tutorial we'll set up a basic MVC framework, leaving out the "listener" stuff, which we'll come back to later on.
Lecture 6 14:04

We need the observer pattern in order to complete our model view controller pattern. Even if you don't use MVC, the observer pattern is vital to user interface programming. It's one of the vital structural patterns that hold modern software together. It can also be quite tricky to understand initially, so for that reason we'll go through the theory of it before actually tackling it.

Lecture 7 19:22
Let's take a look at one of the easiest (inasmuch as this pattern can be called "easy") usages of the observer pattern; adding handlers to buttons in Swing. Don't worry if you don't know Swing; this code would...
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Modern Architecture Home Designs
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Stunning Architectural Home Design
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GTC Architectural Design
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