Different types of Architectural Design

September 16, 2011
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What Is Architecture?

Architecture is the art – and science – of designing buildings. The history of architecture begins thousands of years ago, when man first started creating primitive shelters for protection from mother nature. Throughout the years, the different styles of architecture have changed considerably, and different eras in time had unique architectural styes. Many different cultures also have their own unique architectural styles as well.

Professionals who design buildings, known as architects, not only have to design buildings that look good, but they also have to make those buildings functional and practical. Architects should also keep the safety of the building’s occupants in mind when designing. Buildings should also be strong enough and stable enough to last several years.

What Does an Architect Do?

As stated above, an architect designs buildings, and these buildings should be aesthetically pleasing, functional, safe, and strong. With environmental concerns becoming more and more important to many, most modern architects will also usually try to ensure that their buildings have as little impact on the environment as possible, both during the construction phase and after it has been built.

Generally, an architect will be commissioned to design buildings for other individuals or companies. Some architects may only design residential buildings, while others will only design commercial properties. The architect must pay close attention to what the client wants and needs in terms of their building. Rarely will an architect be given artistic freedom.

After a client has given the architect an idea of what he needs, the architect will then usually start designing the building. Some architects use old fashioned pencils and papers during this process, but most architects will also use some type of computer aided design software as well.

Once their designs are completed, many architects will also visit construction sites to ensure that everything is progressing smoothly.

What Is the Average Salary of an Architect?

Architecture is a very specialized field, and the skills necessary for doing a proper job often make this a lucrative career.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for architects was roughly $76, 750 in 2008. It has been predicted, however, that this is also a rapidly growing field, so salaries of talented architects are expected to increase. This is especially true for architects who specialize in somewhat environmentally friendly designs.

What Are the Education Requirements For a Career in Architecture?

The skills necessary for an architecture career generally take about five years to learn. Many universities and art schools offer an architecture degree program.

Architecture students will often take classes on the history of architecture, designs, drawing and CAD. They will also usually take several math classes, particularly geometry. While in school, future architects will also usually learn in depth about the different types of building materials and techniques. Since a large part of designing buildings revolves around safety, architecture students will also learn ow to build safely, and adhere to any local safety and fire codes.

After receiving a Bachelor’s degree in architecture, many students will usually complete an internship or an apprenticeship. Some architects may also attend school for up to five more years in order to receive a Master’s degree in architecture.

Source: www.theartcareerproject.com
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