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July 22, 2016
Top 12 Best-Selling House
Craftsman Home Plan, 049H-0007

Why Choose The HousePlanShop?

The HousePlanShop, LLC (THPS) delivers an outstanding collection designs composed of many of the top-selling house plans created by several leading residential designers and architects throughout the United States and Canada. We know building a new home is very exciting. Choosing the right house plan is one of the first and most important steps in the building process. However, we understand our customers do not always have the time to visit several house plan websites or page through numerous catalogs and brochures. So, we’ve done quite a bit of work already. We believe BIGGER is not always BETTER. We’ve already eliminated the less popular designs, so our customers won’t have to waste time sorting through all of them. This saves valuable time for our customers that can now be spent moving forward with construction. By publishing house plans that are considered to be the best of the best along with some unique plans that might not be found elsewhere, we provide our customers with a manageable collection of house plans from which to choose. Additionally, we offer various ways to search our house plan collection including an and an opportunity to browse all. Finally, THPS delivers top-notch customer service. Our staff has been in the stock house plan business and serving the public for over 50 years. We are committed to providing an exceptional collection of house plans and excellent service as we help you begin your home building journey

What We Offer

THPS showcases a house plan collection featuring a vast selection of sizes and architectural styles as well as various foundation and wall framing options. We provide an extensive offering information on everything from selecting a house plan to checking your contractor’s references as well as a glossary of building terms. For those customers who like multiple house plans on our site, we provide a feature where favorite designs can be saved and viewed again at a later time. Having trouble picturing the finished house in your mind? We feature a House Plan Photo Collection composed of several house plans that include exterior and/or interior photos. Finally, THPS offers a for customers who need to make a few adjustments to a desired design. Our modification team will provide a free quote for a desired customer’s modifications before plans are purchase. If the customer likes the quote and wants to move forward, our modification team will transform the house plan the customer likes into one they love! The end result is the customer’s perfect dream house!

What You Need to Know about Our House Plans

131955194946d8535938903.jpgThe house plans found on this website are designed to meet national building codes. We do not guarantee our plans will meet all local building codes. It may be necessary to have a local design professional review them and make adjustments to meet local building codes.

Each blueprint is a complete set of construction drawings. While the elements contained within each set of blueprints can vary from one design to the next, a typical set of construction drawings will include the following: coversheet, foundation plan, floor plan, basic electric, simple plumbing, interior elevations, exterior elevations, details and/or sections.

For additional information please read, Everything You Need to Know about Stock House Plans. Also, take time to check out our FAQs. They offer answers to many of the most common house building questions.

Some of Our Popular House Plan Styles

THPS is proud to offer a wide selection of architectural house plans styles. Some of our most popular styles include practical Ranch House Plans, artistic, relaxed, and Luxurious . For those looking to accommodate multiple family units, we feature an array of and .

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For?

If you can’t find the perfect to house plan to suit your specific needs, lot restrictions or preferences, our will be happy to work with you to create that special design that satisfies all your needs and desires. Simply complete and submit the online request form and receive a free quote for a custom house plan that will be designed to meet your specific criteria.

We’ve Got All the Extras! (Garage Plans, Shed Plans and So Much More!)

Looking for a detached garage plan, shed or carport plan to compliment your home? What about a barn or outbuilding for your farm, ranch or large tract of property? Would you like to have a pool house beside your backyard pool? Check out for a variety of garage plans and other buildings. They are available in a broad range of sizes and styles from simple one-car garage designs to practical garage apartment plans. We are sure you will find a plan that will fit your needs!

Best Price Guarantee

Our prices are set by the designers and architects we represent. The HousePlanShop, LLC guarantees that our plans are offered at the lowest price possible. However, if you find one of our plans published on a competitor’s website at a lower price, we will beat that price. .

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