Different Home Design styles

August 4, 2014
Born different home design

Fortunately, we've compiled a number of decorating ideas for home's interior, including the kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bathroom, home office, and auxiliary spaces such as the entranceway, hallways, and attic. We also have ideas for outdoor living spaces such as the deck and patio. And if you have kids, you'll want to see our articles on decorating for infants, toddlers, children and teens. The links below will take you to decorating ideas that will inspire your own creative designs. You just may end up with the home of your dreams!

Every decorating style includes distinguishing elements: brass candlesticks and highboys, for instance, translate Colonial; curvaceous side chairs and wall-hung porcelain dishes speak to French provincial. If you're searching for a style, compile a list of favorite rooms.

Maybe you like your grandmother's kitchen or a friend's library? What can you borrow from those rooms to forge your own perfect space? Finding a style that suits your lifestyle and setting doesn't mean starting over so don't panic.

Furnishings are recyclable; heirlooms blend. The rigid rules of the past are gone. Have the style you want your way. Familiarizing yourself with popular modes of decoration will jump-start those creative juices.

Traditional home decorating - frequently associated with older generations - has been updated with a look that young families can embrace. Learn how to create a cozy room in the traditional style.

Whether you like simple American country or the more elaborate French provincial design, there's a country style for you. Learn more about the widely varied country styles.

No longer strictly cold and austere, contemporary decorating still embraces clean lines but can be warm and welcoming, too. Learn more about how contemporary designs have pushed into the environmental arena as well.

Do you already have a number of objects and pieces of furniture you love but don't fit into one coherent design style? Find out how to combine your favorites and create a style that reflects you!

A room can provide the perfect platform for vintage collectors and flea-market shoppers to display their most treasured finds. Discover how to decorate a room retro-style.

African, Indian, Asian, Scandinavian...styles throughout the world are as varied as the countries and their unique cultures. Find out how to create an interior design plan that celebrates the world in your own home.

The natural colors and patterns of wood and stone are the inspiration for Arts and Crafts Decorating. Simple and clean lines give rooms a sleek yet warm look. Find inspiration in an Arts and Crafts design.

This country style is a blend of patterns and colors that is inviting and homey. A mix of patterns and textures make a room rich and welcoming. Learn how to create a comfortable, casual, and chic design.

The wide-open spaces and spare look of the Southwestern landscape inspire Southwestern design. The furnishings may be minimal, but a Southwestern room is filled with character. Find out how to incorporate your favorite aspects of this style into your own home.

A spacious and elegant design can unify areas of a home with an open floor plan that are used for different purposes. The design flows easily from seating areas, to the dining room, and even into the kitchen. Get tips on how to give your own space a feeling of spacious unity.

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