Housing styles

February 1, 2013
Housing Styles

housing style art decoThere are many different styles of houses available worldwide. Whether you are in the market to buy or sell a home, it is helpful to be able to distinguish one style from another. Volume 1 of our Real Estate Glossary focuses on defining some of the more common American house styles.

Art Deco is more commonly found in commercial buildings, but there are those houses that fell under the Ancient Egyptian and 1930s Hollywood influences. These homes typically have flat roofs, smooth walls with rounded corners and bold decorations, both inside and out.

Cape Cod homes are generally fairly small, symmetrically designed, one or one-and-a-half story homes with steep gabled roofs and a centered front door flanked by windows on either side.

Colonial homes are most easily identified by their formal symmetry, readily seen in the evenly spaced, often shuttered windows around the house. These homes are among the most popular in America, and usually feature at least one fireplace and corresponding dormers. There are many variations within the broad “Colonial” category.

While similar to homes of modern style, contemporary houses are classified by their emphasis on energy efficiency, natural light and the use of sustainable, non-toxic and recyclable materials. Contemporary homes flaunt a luxurious feel without the use of elaborate ornamentation or unnecessary details.

Inspired by Medieval homes, cottages convey a charming and cozy atmosphere. Cottages are smaller than most other styles and typically have steep roofs, a curved entryway, stone or wood siding, casement windows, and are often brightly colored.

Also known as Arts and Crafts homes, Craftsman homes are distinguishable by their abundant use of natural materials such as wood, stone and brick. Wide front porches and low-pitched roofs are common exterior characteristics, while interior woodwork is plentiful.

Strikingly similar to barn houses, Dutch Colonials were initially designed as one-room homes for early American settlers. They are known for broad gamble roofs, dormers, a decorative hood over the entryway, and typically a Dutch double doorway.

Source: blog.howardhanna.com
Housing Styles
Housing Styles
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Housing styles new
Housing styles new
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