Roman architecture and Engineering

August 25, 2014
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Program Overview

This program is designed for students who are fascinated by ancient art and architecture, in general, and the science and engineering of ancient Roman and Etruscan construction in particular. Lectures will focus primarily on fundamental concepts in structural analysis which provide the necessary background for designing buildings and bridges. Field trips complement the lectures so that students can gain an appreciation for simple engineering concepts that have survived the test of time. Field trips are planned to several incredible historic and archeological sites in and around Rome. Lectures are currently scheduled outside of Rome while most of the course material will be covered in the architectural facility of Valle Giulia, located opposite the public park of Villa Borghese.


Engineering (ENG) 104. Mechanics of Materials (4 units)

Civil and Environmental Engineering (ECI) 198. Directed Group Study (4 units, P/NP)

Program Highlights
  • Meet like-minded students, expand your horizons and be inspired by the wonders of Roman art and architecture.
  • Explore Rome's ancient history through medieval ruins, villas, churches, and city streets.
  • Visit sites not open to tourists and be guided by experts.
  • Experience the treasure chest of art, the living tableau of human history, the culinary delights, and the natural wonders of mountains, seas, and sunny beaches.
Roman Engineering and Architecture
Roman Engineering and Architecture
Ancient Roman Civilization: Architecture and Engineering
Ancient Roman Civilization: Architecture and Engineering
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