Different Types of Home styles

November 30, 2012
Architectural Styles Of Homes
Art Deco
Characterized by strong lines and geometric shapes, art deco houses appeared in the 1920’s and 30’s. Creating a more modern and industrial feel, these types of homes often feature stucco siding, flat roofs, columns and porthole windows. The design aesthetic typically incorporates strong geometric patterns, such the shapes of lightning bolts, chevrons and zigzags. Because this style emerged rather recently in the country’s history, these homes can be found in many different regions of the U.S.

Popularized at the end of the 19th century, the craftsman-style has been applied to various types of homes, including farms, cabins, bungalows and duplexes. These houses tend to feature wide large porches, stone-covered foundation or stone accents, stained glass accents and exposed beams and rafters. Prospective homebuyers can find a good selection of high-quality craftsman style homes in California, where several prominent architects of craftsman-style homes lived.

Inspired by the Victorian era of the late 19th century, these homes showcase bay windows, asymmetrical facades, columns, decorative molding, pitched roofs, textured shingles and towers. These houses are also known for their ornate details as well as their striking colors and patterns. There are numerous types of Victorian-style homes, including the Queen Anne, neo-Victorian, second empire, shingle and gothic revival, to name a few. Prospective homebuyers can find beautiful Victorian homes for sale around the United States, but Boston’s South End neighborhood boasts the largest and oldest neighborhood of Victorian homes. There are also notable collections of Victorian houses in the Bay Area, Toledo OH; Richmond, VA and Louisville, KY.

Source: www.ziprealty.com
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