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May 31, 2016
Farm House Design/Types Of

During its long history, furniture design has seen many trends, some lasting and some that are forgotten almost as soon as they emerge. There are also those that become instant classics — they make appearances in film, on television, and in magazines, they are replicated repeatedly, and they eventually end up on display in museums as icons of décor. Hundreds of extraordinary chairs have been created over time, but these modern masterpieces just never seem to go out of style. Scroll through to discover 7 iconic chairs that turned the act

Florals, furs, and colors abound at New York Fashion Week and we are already envisioning so many of next season’s clothing trends making an appearance past our closets, and straight into our interiors. From punchy patterns and hues to sleek silhouettes, these looks provide all the inspiration necessary to add some serious personality to your place. Naeem Khan Although most of Naeem Kahn’s collection consists of dazzling metallic gowns reminiscent of Art Deco design, the laser-cut appliqué dresses stand out through their mixture of geometric patterns and luxe-boho colors. The

Native to sunny Los Angeles, Jessica Ruiz Lee spent years abroad studying interior design types ranging from modern to traditional, while developing her own design aesthetic along the way. With an extensive design background in everything from commercial, to small boutique, to kitchens and bathrooms, to high-profile celebrity projects, she believes that “a well designed space should make you feel happy, comfortable as well as emphasize the personalities of the people in it.” Get to know Laurel & Wolf Designer Jessica Ruiz Lee and start a project with her here! What is your dream project? I love

Picture this setting: A flat-roof house with an intriguing door, a few large windows, and a surrounding garden made up of cacti and succulents. Inside, the walls are white stucco, much of the furniture is wood-based, and the overall palette is neutral, but accented by printed textiles, southwest motifs, macrame accessories, and an abundance of botanicals. This is modern desert style in a nutshell. Born from mid-century modern design, modern desert style is a contemporary spin on the same features and ideals that make the mid-century trend such a staple

As the year rolls on and our lives get more and more hectic, our homes have become our sanctuaries, our safe places, our havens. Centered around simplicity and seamlessness, Spring 2016 is all about creating a place where we can switch off from the outside world and detox. With the desire to create a harmonious home that reflects our unique sense of individuality, we look to the trends ahead of us. Read on as Laurel & Wolf Designer, Samantha Crowe of Juxtaposed Interiors shares her design predictions to spring ahead to.

houses house rent house names small house designs types of
houses house rent house names small house designs types of ...
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