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December 15, 2011
Lots of different textures

Tips on Merging Couples' Individual StylesMerging two different styles can be tricky, especially when it comes to major spaces like the bedroom, living room and bathroom. Below are some of Target Home Style Expert Emily Henderson's tips on merging individual couple styles into cohesive, enjoyable spaces for everyone.

1. Keep the color palette consistent.
You can mix any two (or nine!) styles together with a consistent color palette. Choose three to five shades that you both agree on. If you find that you've chosen all really bright colors, make sure to throw a neutral or two in there to keep your place from feeling too insane.

2. Make sure you keep your main pieces of furniture streamlined and simple.
Choose a sofa in a neutral color (like charcoal) with clean lines and layer pillows and throws of different styles on top.

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3. It's important to integrate both styles throughout the space.
Designating certain areas as "his" and other areas as "hers" will create choppiness. When the styles are equally dispersed, it will look intentional, whereas if they are relegated to one side of the room or area of the home, it comes across as accidental.

4. Create continuity by peppering pieces you both like throughout a room.
For example, you can purchase matching lamps for your bedside tables to add instant cohesiveness and symmetry.

5. If you are trying to figure out what to keep versus what to chuck, focus on hanging onto pieces that are either: beautiful, functional or stylish.
If the space you are moving into is really small, have each piece meet two out of the three criteria (if not all three).

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Family pictures with a different style
Family pictures with a different style
Shooting video with different Picture Styles on Canon DSLRs
Shooting video with different Picture Styles on Canon DSLRs
Different styles
Different styles
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