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June 23, 2018
18: Sunrise Photography
The camera comes with six Picture Styles
Canon digital SLR cameras provide Picture Styles which adjusts the contrast, color tone, etc., to better match the subject. Six preset Picture Styles are provided: "Standard", "Portrait", "Landscape", "Neutral", "Faithful", and "Monochrome". Setting a different Picture Style changes the "look" of the picture.
To suit the scene or subject, you can change how the picture looks
Picture Style Characteristics
Obtain the image effects you want
Four Basic Adjustments for Digital Images
With digital images taken with a digital SLR camera, there are four settings which you can adjust manually: "Sharpness" which defines the outline sharpness, "Contrast" which defines the gradation between light and dark, "Saturation" which is the color intensity, and "Color tone" which is the hue. By adjusting these settings, you can change the way the image looks.
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