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September 19, 2015
As varied as the countries

European Home is a manufacturer and importer of contemporary gas fireplaces. Our products include the Element4 line of direct-vent gas fireplaces as well as our own European Home line of indoor and outdoor linear vented and vent-free fireplaces made in the USA. Our hearth products combine seamless, clean lines with a warm elegance.

My passion for clean contemporary styling began when I worked in Europe in the 1990s. I fell in love with modern materials such as stainless and glass as well as the modern abstract patterns used in many architectural styles.

What I learned, during my time in Europe, is that while many homeowners embrace the clean lines of modern furnishings and design, they don’t limit themselves to using only modern materials. Instead, they combine old and new.

I use this approach today in my business.

I founded European Home in 1999 and began importing home accessories and fireplaces. Since 2005 we’ve been the exclusive importer of Element4 contemporary gas fireplaces.

Today, I combine my passion for European styling with my love for mid-century modern. I love the fun patterns, particularly in textiles and wall coverings, and believe everyone should have at least a splash of this style in their home.

This sense of fun is part of our everyday work ethic. We strive to bring the best in European styling while also developing new fireplace lines for the way we live today – from outdoor kitchens to spa-inspired bathrooms.

Award Winning Designed European-Style Home in Fairbanks
Award Winning Designed European-Style Home in Fairbanks ...
European-Style Estate Home
European-Style Estate Home
European Style home on acreage, endless possibilities
European Style home on acreage, endless possibilities
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