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February 11, 2014
Architecturally Designed
Architecture Collage

Dallas Has the Finest Collection of 20th and 21st Century Architecture in the Nation

We will help you explore architecture, discuss architects and purchase an architecturally significant home. You will begin to see in this Dallas Architecture section examples of Dallas architectural styles, the work of Dallas architects and examples of architecturally interesting homes. Information found below and links to articles on Dallas architecture will give you an overview of Dallas architecture, its architects, and architecturally significant homes. For more in-depth insight, contact Realtor Douglas Newby to help you learn more about Dallas architecture and to find an architecturally significant home to purchase.

I offer the finest homes and represent clients with the greatest understanding of aesthetics, architecture, and design. Please call me to see if I should represent you.

- Douglas Newby

Featured Architecturally Significant Home

This Estate Home has been admired internationally for its perfect proportions, the craftsmanship of european artisans, and a design articulated with hand carved stone and wood. See More

Search MLS for Homes Identified As Architect Designed by Listing Agent

There are many homes in Dallas that are designed by architects but they are not noted by the realtor in MLS. This search will help you find the homes in MLS referencing an architect. To find architect designed and architecturally significant homes not in MLS or not identified as architect designed in MLS, contact Douglas Newby – (214) 522-1000.

Best Collection of 20th Century Architecture in the World in Dallas

Dallas has the best collection of twentieth century architecture in the world. This Dallas architecture section discusses Dallas architects; regional architects, national architects and international architects who designed homes and other buildings in Dallas; architectural styles found in Dallas; twenty-first century architectural projects of prominent Dallas architects; Dallas interior designers; and architecturally significant homes that express Dallas and the twentieth century.

Featured Dallas Architect Designed Homes For Sale

Click on above photos to see Dallas architect designed homes for sale

Douglas Newby is the best realtor in town – he got us a fabulous price for our old house, and a fabulous deal on this lot.

- Heidi Dillon
University Park Home Seller
Turtle Creek Home Buyer
Founder of The Fashionistas

Douglas Newby Will Help You Find the Best Architect Designed Homes

Good architecture adds value to a home, community and city. Douglas Newby understands good architecture and demands quality design. He wants his clients to live in an aesthetically pleasing environment that contributes to the city.

Preston Hollow Architect Designed Homes

Preston Hollow is the place where great architects were able to find the land, the sites, and the topography to design significant houses.

Douglas Newby is a knowledgeable, experienced broker keenly interested in art, architecture, history, and the character and well-being of Dallas. Douglas Newby & Associates understands Dallas as a city of distinct neighborhoods, landmark homes, and important estates.

Douglas Newby specializes in estate homes, architecurally significant, historic and architect designed homes in Dallas and its finest neighborhoods, representing real estate: Preston Hollow, Highland Park, Turtle Creek, Greenway Parks, Volk Estates, Bluffview, Lakewood, Swiss Avenue, White Rock Lake, Munger Place, Park Cities, and dramatic building sites desired by Dallas’ best architects.

You are the only Realtor I have met who really understands architecture, good design and how it relates to its environment. Since Susan and I are both architects, this was important to us. It is because of your business acumen that we were able to purchase a George Woo designed post modern home on the highest elevation in the county that we are already enjoying. Thanks for everything.

- Charles Smith, AIA

Find Modern Architect Designed Homes in the MLS

Architect designed homes come in many different styles. If you’re interested in modern, Texas modern, or mid-century modern homes you can search the MLS and find many in Dallas. Douglas Newby can also help you discover modern homes that are designed by some of the best architects in the country.

Featured Articles and Exhibitions on Dallas Architecture

Dallas Modern: A Perspective on the Modern Movement in Dallas by Stephen Fox
Seventy-Five Years of Texas Modernism in Dallas by Douglas Newby
Dallas Eclectic Style by Douglas Newby

You can find additional links to articles on Dallas architectural styles and the intertwining relationships of Dallas architects at the bottom of the Dallas Architectural Styles page. Please contact Douglas Newby at 214.522.1000 to discuss Douglas Newby & Associates representing you as we search and evaluate the best home for you.

Douglas Newby benefits clients by identifying and evaluating Dallas’ most significant and special homes.

Dear Mr. Newby:

I just wanted to write to thank you for your website. I have enjoyed it so much! Thank you for the the time you spent on it and making it available to others. It is excellent.

I am an interior designer and architectural history is my number one interest. I really only knew of the Crespi home. I was in Dallas earlier this week and happened to drive past Swiss Avenue. What a discovery! I believe the 1920's produced the best Revival styles so it was a treat to happen upon the area.

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An architecturally designed family home of superior
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Lubelso by Canny - architecturally designed homes Melbourne
Architecturally designed home|West Acres property| J28845
Architecturally designed home|West Acres property| J28845
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