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January 14, 2012
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Even among historic house lovers, I am probably one of the few crazies who would actually love to live in a rustic 17th- or early 18th-century home. An old “New Englander” would be especially nice, with creaky wide-board floors, exposed beams, and wood-paneled walls. I can picture myself enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with my family, gathered around a large harvest table while a fire roars in the large stone fireplace. And stuff like that.

But very few of these early period homes ever hit the real estate market, so I had to feature this incredible example, since I can’t actually buy it. The “Haskell House” in Gloucester, Massachusetts is a circa 1700 “Early Period” house and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house is being offered at $399, 000 by Kristal Pooler & Associates. Seems like a nice buy to me. Located at 11 Lincoln Street, the 2.4 acre property sits on the edge of a tidal salt marsh. Talk about recalling Puritan days! It actually appears to be in a fairly rural area. It’s not located within Gloucester proper, but instead it’s located between Gloucester & Essex village, near the Red Rocks Conservation Area. It sits at the end of a winding country road — so it’s secluded, too!

But what really grabbed me was the interior. Look at the pictures (below). It’s incredible. And it looks like there is a fair amount of original/early stuff there.

At the end of the photo gallery, there is a link to the Realtor’s website, where there are a bunch of cool documents about the history & architecture of the house, which I couldn’t even scratch the surface of in this post. Check it out, if you’re so inclined.




Source: www.historichouseblog.com
1700 Erie ave house fire part 4
1700 Erie ave house fire part 4
1700 erie ave house fire part 3
1700 erie ave house fire part 3
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