Roman architecture houses

June 18, 2015
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Roman houseSleeping chamber whose only piece of furniture usually consisted of a bed made of wood or masonry.


Collection of small fragments (e.g., stone, marble, terra-cotta) held together by mortar; it depicts a motif, and sometimes even very elaborate scenes.


Small comfortable room featuring a stone or marble bench with a crescent-shaped opening, connected to a waste channel with running water.


Room where meals were prepared.

dining room

Dining area containing three beds arranged in a U shape that Romans would stretch out on while eating.


Plot of land used to grow vegetables and decorated with flowers, shrubs, fountains and so forth.


Colonnade surrounding the inner court.


On the street side, the Roman house often included commercial spaces that were rented out to artisans and tradesmen.


Basin in the central part of the atrium to receive rainwater.


The main room in the house; its central part was exposed to the open air to collect rainwater and let sunlight in.


Entrance to the house that acted as the passage from public life to private life.


Hard surface, usually made of baked molded clay, used as a covering for roofs.


Large mural painting that decorated the walls of houses during antiquity.


Aperture built into the atrium roof to let rainwater pour into the impluvium.


Hall separating the peristyle from the atrium.


Framework of beams that supports the roof of the building and provides stability.

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Houses of the Roman elite: Ephesus (4/6)
Houses of the Roman elite: Ephesus (4/6)
House Design Concept Roman Domus
House Design Concept Roman Domus
Roman House
Roman House
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