Bali style [Architecture

September 15, 2016
Architecture Portfolio

This Book have More than 200 full-page color photos about essence of the Indonesian island's architectural and interior design style, which ranges from relatively primitive bamboo dwellings to classy contemporary homes. Bali art forms are also included in a beautiful, detailed coverage of the Indonesian island's culture, history, and art.
Bali's culture is a blend of ancient traditions and influences from the outside world, with the Balinese sense of art expressed in their art and design, architecture and music. In this book, illustrations present a view of the architecture, interiors and objects that are the essence of Bali's style. From bamboo dwellings to contemporary Bali homes, from panoramic vistas to pictures of the elaborate stonework in Hindu temples - various aspects of this distinctive culture are examined.
Excellent photos of the best houses, bali villas building materials, garden, swimming pools, fabric, crafts, and architectural villa pulu details in Bali. Very beautiful as a coffee table book, quite useful as a style reference book.

The text is very nicely written, without repetition or fluff; it serves mainly to illuminate the huge variety of photographs. In other words, the reader will learn a little about Balinese geography, sensibility and culture from Walker, but not in intricate detail or with scholarly authority. I read it cover to cover in a couple of days, and felt it was a decent grounding in Bali style.
Author, editor and photographer should be praised for finding examples of all kinds of Bali style: garish, sublime, fancy, plain, funky, sophisticated, folksy, casual, formal, sacred.

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