West Indies style Architecture

March 13, 2016
West Indies Floor Plan

We're pleased to announce our membership in ONE Global Design, a prestigious international network of architectural and interior design firms in the United States, Mexico, and Canada, each considered best in class in their respective markets.

Membership brings a wealth of added benefits to our customers. One Global gives us access to local, on-the-ground knowledge in markets around the world, expanding the reach of our services and your options, while also maintaining the quality and level of expertise you expect from FOX Architects.

Even in a globally connected world, there's a clear value in face-to-face relationships and business partners with boots on the ground, in your market. Through the ONE Global Design network, we establish a direct line to your project by engaging a top design partner in your project's market. You maintain a single point of contact with FOX

We asked a group of designers to sketch spaces for collaboration. Here's what we got.

One of several quick sketches-each takes a different view of collaborative space.

Last week, I sat through another presentation about collaboration and how important it is in new workplaces. The discussion that ensued is one we've all heard before: the modern office is all about collaboration. But aren't you sick of hearing that word? When people say "collaboration", what do they really mean?

To find out, I asked a group of designers from One Global Design to sketch out their idea of a collaborative space. They had less than five minutes to sketch their design on a letter-sized piece of paper. I didn't give them any specifics. I simply asked for a collaborative space and I received everything from diagrams and plans to perspectives and axonometric diagrams. Below, you can begin to see the

FOX Architects recently hosted a reception and discussion for various DC-area business leaders and clients concerning how the workplace affects, evolves and projects an organization’s culture and, ultimately, success. The event, entitled How to Use Your Place as a Tool to Sustain Your Business, featured A/E/C industry expert Rex Miller and FOX Principal Bob Fox.

Rex shared with the audience the essence of his recently published book Change Your Space, Change Your Culture: a) quality culture leads to engagement, b) engaged workers collaborate to find solutions, c) collaboration leads to ideas and innovation. While using clever and insightful graphics and anecdotes, Rex was able to keep us engaged not only by the subject matter, but also inserting some levity.

Following Rex, our own Bob Fox presented on The Changing Workplace, enumerating on a series of issues that nearly

Businesses today must find innovative ways to sustain themselves. It’s not easy: 9 out of 10 businesses fail in the first 3 years; the Gallup Organization has shown that 70% of the workforce is disengaged; the tenure of companies on the S&P 500 List is rapidly decreasing and CEO’s today have an average lifespan of only 4 years. We are seeing an increasing amount of change and many of businesses are becoming commoditized.

How do organizations increase engagement and provide on going value to their customers? The newly published Change Your Space, Change Your Culture by Rex Miller takes a deep dive into how organizations can use their space to adapt through understanding how space and people interact. Office space is one of the best tools that leadership can use to encourage people to connect, interact, communicate and collaborate in order to iterate, refine and leverage new

Source: www.fox-architects.com
The Bonaire, A West Indies Home by Sarasota Luxury Custom
The Bonaire, A West Indies Home by Sarasota Luxury Custom ...
Architecture of West Indies
Architecture of West Indies
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