Byzantine Design

April 29, 2013
11th Byzantine design from

A Unique Concept

Byzantine Design by Dara Shashoua is a design-focused stone supply company which focuses on bespoke finishes. It has been created in equal parts from an entrepreneurial spirit and strong passion for the product. Founded in 2006, initially Byzantine Design’s inception was as a bathroom design and renovation company with some tile supply as an afterthought. Byzantine Design has since evolved into a carefully curated portfolio of tile and stone products, as demand for Dara’s intuitive design philosophy and interpretation of trends in bathroom design has increased. Offices are now in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Dara’s profile as an industry subject matter expert is the result of having worked across all facets of the industry, starting with Amber Tiles in Chatswood, Sydney, selling to retail clients. Spring-boarding to highly regarded Pazotti tiles, covering the high end market then into wholesale, then finally at WK Stone in Sydney as their BDM for Architects and Designers. Throughout her career, clients have followed Dara, appreciating her authenticity and drive for beautiful, quality finishes.

Working with Australia’s finest stone and mosaic importers, Byzantine Design’s portfolio of products create beautiful spaces with exquisite stone and mosaic surfaces. Byzantine Design’s business ethos ensures personalised and knowledgeable service to everyone involved in the design process from the interior designer through to the homeowner. Dara’s proficiency and extensive supplier network enables Byzantine Design to source and supply products beyond the scope of its website gallery, including custom designs created in mosaics.

The business evolved organically, which provided Dara with the to work more closely with industry professionals, who traditionally only contacted suppliers when working to a specification. Dara identified the shortcomings of this process. Byzantine Design enables Dara to be involved earlier where her technical design skills and product knowledge culminate in exquisitely finished commercial and residential projects. Byzantine Design is regularly featured in high profile publications including Belle magazine.

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14K Gold Byzantine X-Design Ring with Alberti Popaj
14K Gold Byzantine X-Design Ring with Alberti Popaj
14K Gold Diamond Heart Byzantine Design Ring with
14K Gold Diamond Heart Byzantine Design Ring with ...
14K Gold Byzantine X-Design Ring with Jill Bauer
14K Gold Byzantine X-Design Ring with Jill Bauer
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