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May 28, 2015
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judson-manor-zimring-living-roomIn this blog series, you’ll meet Judson Manor residents who offer you an intimate look inside their homes. See how each resident adapted the space to their own taste and lifestyle.

Jane Zimring didn’t have to sacrifice her beloved book collection or her favorite artwork when she decided to move to Judson Manor. And she prizes her new, dynamic view of University Circle and its bustling activity, which gives her something new to watch from the window every day.

“The location of Judson Manor and the views are marvelous, ” says Jane, who enjoyed her previous lakefront dwelling at Brathenal Place but felt somewhat isolated.judson-manor-zimring-bookshelf She was searching for a community that would provide more care when needed and plenty of things to do and see. Judson Manor’s location in the heart of Cleveland’s cultural hub, University Circle, was the perfect solution.

“There’s the orchestra, the art museum, the neighborhood—I love going to concerts at Judson in the evenings, and I enjoy all of the people here, ” she says of the welcoming environment.

judson-manor-zimring-hallwayJane’s two-bedroom apartment at the Manor is a reflection of the hobbies that bring her joy. She converted one bedroom into a library and sitting room. “These books have been around a long time, and I couldn’t bear to part with them, ” she says, remarking that they aren’t necessarily “valuable” titles, but they matter to her. In the library, she can relax and read or write.

judson-manor-zimring-living-room2The hallway leading to the study area and her bedroom is what sold her on the apartment – there’s plenty of wall space to hang the paintings Jane has collected over the years. “It’s a nice, long hall, ” she says of the opportunity to showcase works including one by French artist Henri Patrice Dillon.

“When I walked in the day of the move, I couldn’t believe it—the drawers were arranged just like they were in my old apartment, and everything was put away exactly how it was, ” Jane says. “I felt perfectly at home right away.”

Her paintings were hung just so in the hallway, and even her kitchen cabinets and drawers were organized. “It was remarkable!” Jane says.

judson-manor-zimring-dining-roomImmediately, she was ready to begin enjoying the Judson lifestyle with all the comforts she has enjoyed throughout the years. Jane takes advantage of Judson’s transportation services to enjoy University Circle, and she has loved getting to know all of her new neighbors. “The ambiance at Judson is just so pleasant here.”

Source: www.judsonsmartliving.org
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